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The Adventures of Pink Whale

livejournal edition

Жaркиe юныe жeнщины oкeaн любви ⅽeкⅽa ты пoймaeшь вoт тyт

Oh the gym...
why are you filled with so many people who hate deodorant? At least I got an elliptical that worked today, and on the first try! Score for me. Although, I had to wait for a treadmill and the stairs were occupied, so I guess the gym and I are tied 1-1 today.

McDonald's Monopoly is also back and they have pumpkin pie. Did they just start that or something?

I also think Johnny's Entertainment should let Uchi back into K8 because it has been seven years already... and Ryo left NEWS... and it will make JE more money, I'm pretty sure... and it will be such a big announcement that it will shock the fans. Point made.
I really need to find a job...

I totally forgot about my livejournal. I guess moving to Korea, moving back home, and finishing grad school will do that to you.

I finally decided to work out again, mainly because I started gaining a lot of weight. And it's impossible for me to work out without my handy dandy ipod, stuffed with Japanese PVs and concerts, so today I re-ripped all of my Kanjani8 DVDs to watch. I seemed to have lost them all when I punched my computer in Korea... I've learned to have a little bit more patience since that day.

jensen ackles
i started this a long time ago and decided to finish today cuz... i didnt want to go to the gym lol. so here my friends, is senor jensen ackles. upside down. because my flash sucks and this was the only one that came out. lol.

yamapi fanart
one day my friend was supposed to come over to have lunch. this friend lives an hour away. i was an idiot and forgot my fone while shopping with my sister in berkeley that day. she came over and i was not home and without a fone. she ended up driving all the way back home.

okay so i felt HORRIBLE about it and ended up drawing a yamapi fanart for her because... everyone loves yamapi right?? lol well she loves yamapi, so this is her graduation + im very very sorry present from me lol.
you can tell i had trouble with the left eye... i had to completely erase it at one point after already shading the face and crap so... im sorry about that lol. and i had the nose WAAAAY too low so i had to raise that too. its still too low but it was the best i could do after... already screwing up. lol

sorry. horrible lighting from my basement.

spraying it outside

a little closer ver. of it drying from the spray

okay hope everyone enjoyed that! lol. if you liked it i have some dbsk fanart in my previous posts.

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im overdue for some luck!
my modem sucks. ive had it since 2002. i need a new one. i'm lucky to even be able to post this. in about 5 minutes its gonna shut off again. and stealing connection from my neighbor sucks. plus i think he's catching on lol.

aaaaaaanyway i love w-inds. new single, both songs, and both PVs.
and i love the ver. C of dbsk's mirotic.

must go run treadmill now as to not anger the internet any longer. i'll watch the new wrong number pv on my ipod (mwahahaha).
oh i got a yamapi fanart done, but internet wont post it up yet! lol. halfway done with ryuichi too! i tried another jj as well but it was a complete fail and i let my bro draw a mustache on him.

keita time
happy day before vetern's day! lol.

anyway... i finally got a job. woo  hoo. not a "real job," as in a job that has to do with my major hehe, but at least its some money and something to do cuz... really, sitting at home without school or work is work in itself lol.

i give everyone a keita fanart since... keita is and always will be my first love forever lol. were going on 6 years! hahaha. i made his eyes a little too biggish since... i think i'm used to drawing sailor moon hahaha! oh and the angle is off from the picture i was using so his head is a little weird shaped... lol anyway im still learning. hope everyone likes it. praise and criticism is welcome! i needa get better somehow right? hehe.

after the spray it in the rain!

here's the original

next up is yamapi for a friend of mine that... i accidentally ditched... and then a ryuichi for loveryu!

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dbsk project complete!
done! i finished my micky on sept 3 and my junsu just today. but... i am sooo not happy with my junsu hahaha god its terrible! i tried everything to make it better but... i give up haha. thats why it took me so long to finish. oh well. here ya go.

yoochun (before i finished smoothing the shading and spraying it down)

Junsu (im sorry to junsu and his fans... lol)

AAAAAAAND my completed set (minus changmin cuz... its in my sister's dorm room as it was a present from me to her...)

(jj is framed cuz my sister thought i was being careless throwing him around... lol)

ok thanks everyone!

yunho fanart
happy labor day everyone!!

so anyway jhj2001  suggested that i do a yunho fanart next so... here it is!
hope everyone likes it! damn his plaid shirt by the way, it took forever!

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insomnia caused me to try a jaejoong fanart. then my sister asked for a changmin. all in one day! blah.

sadly... jaejoong somewhat resembles uchi hiroki from NEWS/Kanjani8 and changmin looks like a tiny little boy.

be nice please! its been a long time since ive drawn anything!